Lilli Pii is a happy, funloving clown girl. Her life does not lack any sudden suprises. It seems that with her just about anything can happen! She playes a guitar upside down, dances with her feet all twisted, bakes a cake in a suitcase, and makes an exciting trick with her balloon that leads to her skirt missing...
But still Lilli Pii´s nutty logic saves her from troubles.

The clown show is full of humour and cheers up people of all ages!

Lilli Pii has been travelling around Finland and has also performed in television.

The duration of the show: about 20 minutes
Size of the space needed: little stage/hall, not less than 5x5 metres.

The show is aimed for kindergartens, schools and different children's events.

The show is directed by Nina Wathén mime, actress FIA director

Clown Clown