Roosa Hannikainen is a freelance-actress from Helsinki. Roosa has studied physical theatre in Commedia School in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studies ingluded among other things clown, mask acting, buffoons and pantomime.
Roosa has also taken parts in several workshops like Mime and Masks at 2005 (by Ana Vasquéz De Castro), Commedia Dell´Arte at 2007 (by Carlo Boso), Clown at 2008 ( by Eric De Bont) and Puppetry at 2008 ( by Rene Baker).

Roosa has taken part in several theatre companies like a clownduet Two Clown Army (2004), who she travelled around Europe with. Also Jesterkom Theatre Company (2005), who made a show called Situations which was directed by Ana Vasquéz De Castro and it was perfromed in the Theatre academy of Helsinki (TEAK), Koko Theatre and Telakka Theatre. Right now Roosa is making a project with the mask theatre company Theatre Metamorfoosi, whose perfromance Pirandello will be having a premiere in August 2009 at the Helsinki Festival.

In winter 2006 Roosa made a project with her swedish clown-kollegue Åsa Lundgren in Uganda. The project was done with Swedish clowns without borders. Roosa and Åsa were holding theatre workshops for the local youth. In addition they perfromed their clown show there.
Roosa´s big dream is to be the founder of the Clonws Without Borders-organization in Finland.

In fall 2008 Roosa started to write manuscrips to the national TV to a children program Pikku Kakkonen together with Nina Wathén . They wrote the schetches, Nina directs and Roosa plays the Clown Lilli Pii. There have been 15 schetches and new material is on its way.

Based on Lilli Pii- tv-schetches, a Lilli Pii-live show was created. At this moment Roosa is perofrming for kids with her show in kindergardens, schools and different events for kids .

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